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London Day 6

Today we spent the whole day at the Imperial War Museum. We saw just about every weapon, plane and vehical from WWII. Some of that stuff was insance, like the 15 in guns the British had. They also had exhibits on the Holocaust, life in the trenches, life during the blitz, and the art of WWII. Of all the exhibits there I found the Holocaus exhibit the most moving. They  showed the events with a far greater impact then anything I have seen in the US. It was hard for me to go through that exhibit. There are no photos from that exhibit. The blitz and the trench exhibits were also interesting. We went into a mockup trench and got to experience it in all reality, smell and all. The blitz was also a realistic mockup of a WWII house and bunker. Overall, the museum was very interesting, I spent a lot of hours in there, form like 10:00 to 4:00. There was a lot of cool stuff in there. Af for, dinner, we got went the wrong way on the Tube and by the time we got back, most of the plubs have stopped serving food. We ended up geting some fast food and eating it at a pub that was near our flats.

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