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London Day 5

Today we had a free day to explore the city. We saw Westminister Abby and the Tower of London. I wasn't able to take pics in the Abby, but it was like St. Paul's. Some key differences were that it was much older and appeared to have surived both wars. There was a lot more stained glass and more people burried there. There was also a meseum with the actual clothing of the old queens and kings Britian. After that we went to the Tower of London. We walked around there for hours, and it was great. We got to see the crown jewels and the replicas of some of the largest diamonds in the world. It was very cool, the crown jewels are so pretty, and there was so mu h gold and diamonds. We also got to see prison cells and a weapons exhibit. The only thing I regret was the price, Westminister Abby was about 12 pounds and The Tower was 15 pounds. This is around $50 to $60.

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